28 February 2012

[rfs-bluemountains-information] Significant Weather Information Tuesday 28 February 2012


As you are hopefully aware, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has issued some significant weather alerts for the rest of this week.

In collaboration with our colleagues in the State Emergency Service, we would like everyone to please take note of the following information. 

NOTE: Please, if you haven't already done it, clean out your gutters! Heavy rain can cause downpipes to back up and block with debris, which can then flow into your roof, ceiling, walls and home. (It also helps in a bushfire, but that's for another day)

Today at 3:56 pm they issued an updated advice. 

The Bureau of Meteorology warned today that heavy rain and thunderstorms pose a
significant flood threat to large parts of the southern half of NSW inlcuding
the ACT.

The Bureau has issued a Severe Weather Warning and Flood Watch for a large part
of central and southern NSW with heavy rain developing today and increasing on
Wednesday and Thursday. The Nepean-Hawkesbury River which provides a border to
western Sydney is included in the Flood Watch and is likely to flood before the
end of the week.

You can read the text and full warning at http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/wrap_fwo.pl?IDN38503.txt

The threat to our communities is twofold - one is the effects of very heavy rain (with possible damage and flash flooding), the other is of moderate flooding in surrounding areas. 

For further information, please refer to one of the following (as appropriate):

For life-threatening emergencies, call 000 immediately!
For storm/flood assistance, call the State Emergency Service 132 500

NSW SES Current Information & Warnings - http://www.ses.nsw.gov.au/news/
NSW SES Flood Safety Advice - http://www.ses.nsw.gov.au/news/2011/nswsesfloodsafetyadvice

Bureau of Meteorology Warnings for NSW - http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/warnings/

RTA Live Traffic Information (Including road closures) - http://livetraffic.rta.nsw.gov.au or call 132 701

Local Updates:
Blue Mountains SES Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Mountains-SES/228135580578727
Blue Mountains LAC NSW Police Force - https://www.facebook.com/BlueMountainsLAC
Blue Mountains City Council - http://www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au 
Blue Mountains District NSW RFS Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/RFS-Blue-Mountains-District/183593338352848

Never drive, ride or walk through floodwater!

Floodwater can be deeper and faster flowing than it appears. It can contain hidden snags, debris and contaminants such as sewage, chemicals and dead animals. Floodwater can erode road surfaces. Entering floodwater is the major cause of death during floods.

Above all, Keep Calm and Stay Safe!

Eric (RFS) and John (SES)