28 September 2009

Addition to Email Updates

Good Afternoon Everyone,

As part of the extension to our Public Information services for the coming fire season, we have now added another on-line repository that is linked to our Email Updates service - one that also allows better access to the information updates.

Currently website updates can only be done from an internet-attached computer, which sometimes can create a lag time between email notifications being sent and the information appearing on our website www.bluemountains.rfs.nsw.gov.au. Subscribers who are not able to access their email (for example being at work) are not always able to find out about current information. Additionally we have had a number of requests to provide our update information via RSS feed.

From today, each time a Public Information Email is sent, it will also be automatically posted to our new live-update blog page, which can be found at http://ruralfirebm.blogspot.com/. If I've got the tech right, if you visit the blog you'll see this message there.

For those who use RSS feeds, you can subscribe this page to your feed list, as well as adding it to your Google home page (and a few others as well). We have also added a facility to enable you to share the blog updates via your Twitter and/or FaceBook page. You'll also be able to post responses and comments on each post that is made.

This is an incremental step rather than any kind of quantum leap, however we do hope that this addition to our information services is of use to you - our community. I have included a quick survey on the sidebar, so please let us know your thoughts.

Finally, we will be publishing more information in the next 48 hours about the start of the Bush Fire Danger Period on Thursday, including answering some questions about the new Fire Danger Ratings system. This information will be uploaded to our website and an email sent to everyone once it is there.


Inspector Eric J Berry
Community Safety Officer
Blue Mountains District
NSW Rural Fire Service